Interior Design Services

Cosy Casa is a prominent interior design firm that specializes in the
planning and interior design of luxury apartments and houses in Jerusalem.
Our expertise is in creating elegant homes, especially for private clients who
do not reside in the country but would like to live in Jerusalem part of the year,
or want to move here permanently into a tasteful home of their own. We create
harmonious, warm surroundings and beautifully balance the client's taste
with the materials available in Israel. Thus, elements of the Middle East and
the Mediterranean are combined delicately with Western tastes.

Cosy Casa provides a superior level of work in every home it plans and designs.
In addition, we accompany our clients throughout each step of the process,
whether via email or in person, taking care of every detail to their
complete satisfaction until entrance into the home. Cosy Casa is
proud to design your perfect home in Israel

Projects carried out by the Company in the field of private construction and renovations